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Hello! Thank you so much for making me a present! This is my 2nd year doing ITPE and I had SUCH a fantastic time last year and met so many great friends. YAY PODFIC. Fandom details, kinks, tropes, and triggers/squicks inside the cut!




Hockey RPF: Faves here are Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak, Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn, Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, and of course Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews. 

Pacific Rim: Newt/Hermann is my forever OTP. 

Avengers MCU: Big ships here are Clint/Coulson,  Steve/Bucky (post-TWS, recovering/recovered Bucky), Steve/Sam, Tony/Bruce, Steve/Tony, Clint/Coulson/Steve. I headcannon Natasha as asexual/aromantic and platonic soulmates with Clint.

Due South: Fraser/RayK for life.

Video Games: Mass Effect (any pairing except any/Kaiden, pref FemShep, gen also good), Saints Row series (pref. FemBoss), any survival horror but esp. Silent Hill or Fatal Frame. In horror game fic, gen is great. Anything dark and creepy that expands or plays with the pre-existing world is AMAZING. (also in horror game fic my faves/squicks/triggers lists don't really apply, anything goes)

Bandom: ANYTHING, rly. Anything P!atD or MCR or FOB or really whatever I am soooo not picky. (But I'll admit Gerard is basically my fave bc he's SO GR8 and also maybe genderqueer?? SO)


Fave tropes/kinks:

Okay so first of all y'all probably already know that I am SUPER INTO explicit fic, it's my fave, but I am also fine with non-explicit if you're not comfortable recording porn! I get it.

Top 3 tropes, in order of preference:

1. First time/friends-to-lovers is p much my #1 forever go-to happy feels trope
2. Coffee shop AUs, holy glob I love coffee shop AUs so muchcchchcchcagofsjsdfg;dfhsg
3. Werewolves/were-creatures AU yessss especially pack feels

Also I'm really into genderqueer!character fic, soulbonding, sharing a bed, sentinel/guide AU, library AU, bakery AU, anything super cozy/domestic, fluff, pining (but only if resolved happily), Christmas feels, found families. Basically if it's happy fluffy nice times and people make kisses, I am delighted.

As for kinks, faves are loving dom style BDSM, size kink, daddy kink, ageplay (not actual underage), puppy play, panties/lingerie on people with dicks, comeplay, rough/messy sex. Also I am SUPER, SUPER into kink negotiation.



Hard triggers: domestic violence (including verbal abuse), non-con (unless it's preplanned, negotiated, and consensual non-con roleplay), any variety of pregnancy.

Squicks: kidfic, graphic torture, anything involving watersports or scat, slavefic, sex worker/porn star fic, infidelity. Sad endings are also a big no thank you. A little angst is okay but it's gotta end happy.


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