Jan. 16th, 2014

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This is where I'm gonna track my Trope Bingo card. I got the card last night, so technically the podfic I did last night COULD count, but I'm not sure I'm gonna count it.

au: apocalypselocked incurtainficau: college / highschoolslavefic
matchmakerepistolarysnowed insecret twin / doppelgangerrites of passage / coming of age
transformationspower dynamicsFREE

fork in the roadtelepathy / mindmeld
indecent proposalau: alternate gender normshurt / comfortbets / wagersau: fairy tale / myth
bodyswaptrust and vowsfirst time / last timewingficcelebratory kiss

The easiest bingo would be vertical center. Horizontal center is also totally doable. I'm not probably going to touch the upper right unless I find something that follows spirit but not letter, because I can't stand slavefic. I vetoed kidfic, and you can only veto one... I do like BDSM/kink stuff though so I might be able to find slave roleplay or something. I don't even know wtf to do with secret twin/doppleganger, I've never read anything along those lines.

au: college/high school: keep buying the stars
first time/last time: Words get tangled up in good intentions
rites of passage/coming of age: Let me be your canvas
indecent proposal: Intoxicated
fork in the road: Three Heads of Cerberus
transformations: Living a Bangles Song
free space (au: crossover): This Fantastic Life
secret twin/doppelganger: Accept No Substitutes
matchmaker: You Give Love a Bad Name
bets and wagers: Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
wingfic: the laws of gravity are very very strict, and you're just bending them for your own benefit
celebratory kiss: Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City
hurt/comfort: Right on the Limits
power dynamics: heart is fried
au: fairy tale/myth: fight or run, you're just getting older
slavefic: Coax Me
trust and vows: Get Some [Ink]
bodyswap: yours and/or mine
telepathy/mind meld: chicago is so two years ago
snowed in: quite so new a thing
epistolary: You've Got Mail!
au: apocalypse: And who shall be able to stand?
locked in: Voices in the Dark 
curtainfic: Blue Too
au: alternate gender norms: By Any Other Name




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