Jan. 1st, 2020

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 Welcome to my journal! This journal is NOT friends only, but be aware that it will sometimes contain links to explicit content in audio or written form. 

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Link to transformative works policy
Link to 50 in 52 self-challenge
Link to To-Podfic List
Link to Personal Fandom Calendar

Like my podfic?


Like my voice? Like my podficcing style? Want to suggest a fic for me to record, or have me record something you've written? Comment here, tweet me @ashesandghostff, send me an ask on tumblr, or comment on one of my podfics on AO3!

I will record:

  • any fandom I'm vaguely familiar with. Currently this includes:
    • TV: Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Star Trek TOS or TNG, Merlin, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Community, Firefly, Azumanga Daioh,  Avatar: TLA, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis, due South, NCIS, Lewis
    • Movies: Avengers, Star Trek reboot movies, The Eagle, Star Wars,  Pacific Rim,  Labyrinth
    • RPF: Hockey RPF, Bandom/music RPF, any Actor RPF
    • Books and Comics (and adaptations) : Any Marvel (esp. Avengers, Deadpool), any DC (esp. Batman), Harry Potter, Discworld, Good Omens, The Hobbit, LotR
    • Video Games (and adaptations):  Mass Effect series, Silent Hill series, Final Fantasy VI and VII, Bioshock series, Fallout series, Fatal Frame series
    • Other Media: Welcome to Night Vale, Homestuck
    • Don't see what you want listed? This isn't a complete listing, so feel free to ask!
  • any rating of fic including explicit
  • any kinks except death/vivisection, pregnancy, or scat
  • any AU except pornstar/prostitution or regency

I will NOT record:

  • graphic torture scenes
  • graphic self-harm 
  • pregnancy/childbirth, particularly mpreg. Omegaverse is fine, just no mpreg.
  • scat kink
  • most other languages unless it's just a few sentences
  • pornstar AU, prostitute AU, regency AU
  • heavy angst/mourning/sad-ending fic (this is a tricky one and I do make exceptions. Feel free to ask)

(Like my cover art? I will make some for you! Contact me via any of the above methods.)


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