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Hello! Thank you so much for making me a present! This is my 2nd year doing ITPE and I had SUCH a fantastic time last year and met so many great friends. YAY PODFIC. Fandom details, kinks, tropes, and triggers/squicks inside the cut!



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Hello, podficcer! First of all, you're awesome, and thanks for what you do!

Here's some info for ya on my preferences and tastes.

General preferences:
* I mostly read shorter fic (think <30k words), and 95% of what I read is E-rated, so I'd really love it if you could podfic something along those lines.
* I LOVE soulbonding/soulmarks/soulmates fics, and sentinel/guide fic.
* Fluff is a huge plus. Falling-in-love/friends-to-lovers/declarations-of-love fics are fantastic.
* As far as AUs go, I really, really love coffee shop/bakery type AUs, and anything involving tattoos/piercings.
* Happy endings are a must.
* If you go for something E-rated, I really, really enjoy kink.

Welcome to Night Vale: Carlos/Cecil, of course. I love tentacle-fic, or really anything where Cecil isn't quite human.

Avengers: Steve/Tony is my favorite. I also love Phil/Clint, but with that please no character death!

Hockey RPF: Toews/Kane, Sid/Geno, or Parise/Suter.

Supernatural: Sam/Gabriel. Sam/Gabriel. SAM/GABRIEL. (Dean/Castiel is fine too, but Sam/Gabe doesn't get enough love!)

Mass Effect: Garrus/FShep is my favorite! I'm particularly fond of fic that doesn't reference ME3, or handwaves the whole Shepherd dying thing. No battle-angst, please, or as little as possible.

Sherlock (BBC): John/Sherlock. PLEASE no Reichenbach feels, I can't handle them. Also not a fan of Moriarty, so I prefer fic where he is not around.

Silent Hill: There's not much out there, but of what there is I'm not terribly picky. Genfic is good here- my favorite Silent Hill fic is Psychosis by MadeOfSquirrels. I also like most pairings. This is the big exception to my dislike of torture/death in fic. It's Silent Hill, so anything goes.

Teen Wolf: Stiles/Derek, of course, but in this fandom I really enjoy AUs particularly.

The Hobbit: Bilbo/Thorin. Again with the handwaving of Thorin-death, please.

Star Trek: McCoy/Chekov is my favorite but I also love Kirk/Spock.

Things to avoid:
* I find pregnancy gross in all circumstances (sorry) so no fpreg or mpreg, please.
* I'm not a fan of lots of angst, and I can't handle major character death (unless it's a Silent Hill fic) or grieving feels.
* I can't stand torture (unless it's a Silent Hill fic), animal abuse (again, unless it's a Silent Hill fic), non-con, or slavery. (NOTE: BDSM isn't torture or slavery, to my mind- it's consensual, yo. Also non-con roleplay is fine)
* Not a fan of prostitution or porn-star AUs. Kidfic is also not my thing.

Here is my AO3 bookmark page!


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