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 In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing.


I'm going to talk about three: One writer, one podficcer, one artist.

WRITER: thehoyden

I feel like every time I finish a hockey fic and go "holy crap, that was awesome", it was written by thehoyden. In fact, one of the first-- and one of my favorite-- hockey fics I ever read was by thehoyden, and I still insist it's one of the best fics in any fandom out there. That one is:

Tour de Force, aka the secret writer Kaner fic.  It's written from Kaner's perspective, as he decides to try to write a novel-- in secret-- and deals with the outcome of that particular decision. Funny, clever, perfectly spot-on in-character, fantastic sexual/romantic tension, and great sex scenes.

Another favorite is Right on the Limits, aka the sentinel/guide Sid/Geno fic. This one is arguably my favorite hockey fic, even more so than Tour de Force, simply because I love sentinel/guide fic so very very much. Again, perfectly in-character, and pulls in a ton of real-life details (like the fact that Sid's eye-tracking is off the charts in real life, so it makes total sense that he'd be a sentinel) that make the fic that much more perfect. The Geno in this fic is my favorite Geno in fandom, too. (Plus, again with the great sex scenes.)

thehoyden's newest hockey fic is Game Plan, which launched itself to the top of my favorites list within about a paragraph of reading it. It's a Sid/Geno breakfast-based seduction fic. Yet another clever, funny story, with just the right amount of (seriously hot) sex scenes. thehoyden's Sid is always so perfectly balanced between endearing and annoying, frustrating and cutely quirky, and Geno half helps, half herds him to behave like a normal human being. 


PODFICCER: Knight_Tracer

Knight_Tracer is kind of podfic yoda, for me. She's my hero. She's crazy prolific, has a fantastic voice and presence for podfic, and has great audio quality. Plus, she gets Geno's voice just right without trying too hard at an accent. Here are a few of my favorite podfics she's done:

Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing (yes, more Sid/Geno, they're my OTP, shut up)

A Californian Werewolf in New York (the best Teen Wolf AU out there, and it's a fanfic/podfic collab with Knight_Tracer!)

All Talk (a great test of a podficcer-- it's phone sex, and LOTS of it, and it's super, super hot)

ARTIST: videntefernandez

The. Best. Night Vale artist. Ever. videntefernandez is responsible for 90% of my WTNV headcannons. Here's a small selection:


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